Dinla Flakes

“The autonomy of life we claim is only in pretense because our life began not on Earth but in the womb of our Creator. We must therefore search and live by His Truths or die rejecting it.”​



Enjoy periodic excerpts from my past teachings and surf through life’s oceans into your rest.


DD’s Scripts

Our lives are shaped by our thoughts, which are founded upon what we see, hear or feel (the scripts). Inspire and connect with the winner in you today with the right script. 



Music is not just a universal language. It is also a medium for healing, instructions and impartation. Get lifted today as you listen to some of my songs.

Close-up Of Person Watching Video On Mobile Phone With Cup Of Tea At Desk


The seed of greatness is in every man, but the productivity of every life is dependent on where and how they are sown. These are not just videos, they are the very soil and nurture needed for your next shift! 



Like computers, our minds would not be optimally maximized without certain programs. Reprogram your mind today with my quotes and get ready to stun your world with new solutions.



Many call it podcasts but I call It call it seed-casts. Our world is shaped or shattered by the words (seeds) we embrace. Get intentional about life, plant these seeds and reap the future God has planned for you.